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Alpha's business model is focused on acquisition of existing production, as well as acquisition of Oil and Gas Leases to pursue new exploration and drilling opportunities.
Alpha will expand its oil and natural gas acquisitions within the Rocky Mountain Region and into western Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and western Kansas.
Alpha Energy, Inc. is a growing Oil and Gas company led by a team of seasoned oil and gas industry professionals, asset managers and financial representatives.
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Alpha is actively seeking opportunities for participation in oil and gas drilling prospects and joint venture projects located throughout the prolific oil and gas producing DJ-Niobrara Shale Play in northeast Colorado, southeast Wyoming and southwest Nebraska. Alpha will operate drilling, exploratory and development wells, as well as workover and recompletion operations on existing wells.  We will partner with select industry companies to participate in drilling projects while maintaining a non-operated working interest, operated working interest or overriding royalty interest in the wells drilled.  The Denver  Basin (DJ Basin) offers competitive operating benefits for smaller Operators such as Alpha due to lower development and lifting costs, as well as existing infrastructure in place.  Production from these wells typically provides long-term production and significant reserves.

Oil and Gas Investment Opportunities 
in one of the most prolific oil and gas producing regions in the United States!


Drilling & Production in the DJ-Niobrara Shale play in Colorado, Wyoming & Nebraska


Balancing conservative low-risk development drilling with
high-potential exploration projects.


Investing in Oil & Gas and creating value for over 30 years! 


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Alpha is focused on expansion of our oil and natural gas acquisition program by acquiring existing wells and fields where uphole bypass pay zones may exist, or where infill drilling may be conducted to increase production.  By controlling operations, Alpha is able to act quickly, maintain its profitability and take advantage of current commodity pricing.  Focusing on the DJ-Niobrara Basin allows Alpha multiple opportunities and a competitive advantage due to our long-standing roots living and working within the local communities.  With over 70,000 square miles of area included in the Basin, opportunities will remain plentiful even with the high levels of industry drilling and production activity.  The  Denver Basin (DJ Basin) offers multiple target formations for vertical drilling opportunities, as well as the more technologically advanced horizontal pad drilling - each resulting in high rates of return.

Alpha Energy, Inc. is a growing Oil and Gas company led by a team of seasoned oil and gas industry professionals, asset managers and financial representatives.  Alpha is engaged in locating and defining quality investment opportunities through acquisition of Oil and Gas Leases, mineral and royalty interests, new exploration and drilling, production acquisitions and joint venture partnerships located throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  Alpha's primary area of interest lies within the prolific producing DJ-Niobrara Basin where Alpha maintains a competitive advantage - having members of our management team live and work in the local communities for over 30 years.  Because we live and work where we do business, environmental stewardship and responsible land management is paramount to our operations and respect of our community.

At Alpha, we have an aggressive approach in seeking out new opportunities to enhance our asset base; however, we maintain a conservative capital structure which allows for future expansion and enhanced future investor opportunities.  Alpha is driven to deliver strong rates of return and create value to our investors.

 If you are interested in placement of private equity capital, oil and gas investments or joint venture opportunities,

we would be pleased to speak with you to discuss services we offer and participation options available to our investors.

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