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Karen Ziegler – President

Ms. Ziegler has for many years participated in a variety of oil and gas ventures and major real estate development projects located throughout Northern Colorado.  While serving in various management, partnership and ownership postions, she has been instrumental in completing multiple real estate and residential developments, major water and sewer infrastructure improvement projects, oil and gas infrastructure integration and numerous commercial real estate development projects.

In her various management positions, Karen has been reponsible for strategic planning, analytical accounting, cost projections, budgeting, scheduling and profit and loss analysis functions on behalf of the investor groups.

Fred L. Croci – Vice President, Asset Advisor

Mr. Croci’s 43 year business career has spanned many facets of the real estate and oil and gas industries. A graduate of Iowa State University, he has held brokerage licenses in Iowa, Illinois, Wyoming and Colorado and has been involved in the brokerage, sales, leasing, development, and construction activities of, or provided consulting services on hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of development properties, most recently in Northern Colorado, including a wide variety of project types.

He also has extensive experience with oil and gas marketing and oil and gas operating companies. This includes participation with oil and gas drilling programs over several central and western states involving multiple drilling rigs.  His focus was on renovation, rework and improvement of old producing fields. This focus included a major emphasis on waterflood projects where old producing oil fields were reworked to improve production through waterflooding the permeable sandstone formations.

As President of a professional management firm, Mr. Croci oversaw various other entities including corporations, liability companies and limited liability limited partnerships.

Reginald A. Kemp – Director

Mr. Kemp is a seasoned manager with more than 40 year’s experience in large international aerospace and private engineering and manufacturing companies and emerging divisions of such operations.  His involvement with human resources, procurement, material/production control, cost accounting, contracts management, project management and governmental entity interface activities uniquely equip him to serve Alpha Energy.

His most recent efforts have involved a major expansion of a small private engineering and manufacturing company.  In this position, he facilitated government permitting approvals for physical plant and site expansions, coordinated construction, oversaw major subcontractors involved with the project, maintained schedules and budgets and oversaw local governmental inspections throughout the project’s construction and completion.

Professional Consultants and Affiliates

Jack A. McCartney - Manager, McCartney Engineering, LLC

From 1965 to 1968 Mr. McCartney was employed by Kerr McGee Corporation as a Production Engineer.  His responsibilities included well completions, workovers, and recommendations of infill drilling locations, primarily offshore Louisiana.  After a brief period with Kerr McGee in Calgary, Canada, he joined National Cooperative Refinery Association as a Reservoir Engineer.  During his three years with NCRA, his duties included property evaluation, secondary recovery, and unitization. Mr. McCartney was employed by Scientific Software Corporation in Denver, and later in Houston, where he performed reservoir simulation studies.  He then joined Davis Oil Company in Denver as their Reservoir Engineer.  He was responsible for secondary recovery projects, unitization, and evaluation of the Company's oil and gas properties for loan negotiations.

In September of 1973, Mr. McCartney formed McCartney & Associates, later to become McCartney Engineering, LLC, for the purpose of providing consulting services in the areas of property management, secondary and enhanced recovery, reservoir engineering, property evaluation, and expert testimony.

During the past thirty-six years he has continued to be actively involved in reservoir studies, reserve and revenue forecasting, oil and gas property appraisals, secondary recovery feasibility studies, property management, and petroleum software development.  He also has served on numerous occasions as an expert witness before the Oil and Gas Regulatory Commissions in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, and North Dakota regarding matters ranging from well spacing applications to field unitization.  He has also given expert testimony in civil litigations with respect to oil and gas related matters.

Mr. McCartney graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with the degree of Petroleum Engineer and a degree of Master of Engineering (Petroleum Engineer).