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 About Us

 Alpha Energy, Inc. was established in September of 2013 by a team of seasoned oil and gas industry professionals, asset managers and financial advisors to focus on acquiring Oil and Gas Leases and producing properties with proven, undrilled opportunities located in the prolific DJ-Niobrara Basin. 

What We Do

 Through detailed geological and engineering analysis, Alpha identifies drilling prospects that have either been overlooked or are not big enough for larger companies.  These properties may be acquired with limited capital exposure - but still offer upside drilling or development opportunities. The momentum to drill with enhanced drilling technologies in previously undeveloped areas enhances the value of these properties.

Under the current economic market conditions, oil and gas investments remain attractive to the investment community since properties may be acquired based on current market value, but retain tremendous upside potential when the commodity prices rebound. With the U.S. rapidly becoming the number one energy producer in the world, the momentum of interest in investments in oil and gas will remain strong for many years to come.  With our lean operating structure, we are well-positioned to succeed in this competitive market. Alpha utilizes the expertise of our staff to identify drilling prospects and producing properties for acquisitions.  We will employ the newest technology in new exploratory drilling, infill drilling and tapping bypass or uphole pay zones in older producing fields.

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